The project

The program Mensen in Beweging consists of several subprojects, or work packages. One work package concerns the quality of practice-oriented research, from design research to randomized controlled trials. This pilot website serves as a platform to quickly develop, test and publish ideas, documents, products and solutions we come up with (confidential documents will be published on HvA intranet). It also serves to quickly receive feedback from our 'stakeholders', the researchers, and to encourage them to be actively involved. This temporary pilot website will be replaced by a more definitive AUAS-website, but until then we will use this pilot website. The code is open source and can be found here. We work with a team in a Scrum-like fashion backed up by a group of stakeholders, the researchers. As a backlog and Scrum-board (to do / doing / done) we use Trello. More about our way of (open) working can be found here.

The team

The Scrum team, the scrum master, the product owner, the stakeholders

Open science

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