Open access publishing

The goal of open access is to make publicly funded research accessible to everyone. To reach this goal, AUAS has its own 100% open access policy. Open access publications are easier to find, cited more often and have greater visibility.

What and how of open access publishing at the AUAS

The website of UvA/AUAS library provides excellent information in both Dutch and English about open access publishing, the different routes (e.g. golden and green), the relation with PURE and the service the AUAS library provides.

Research data

Many open access journals also demand (a statement about) availability of the research data. However, at Urban Vitality we are usually dealing with personal/sensitive research data. Although it is perfectly possible to apply the FAIR principles to this data, i.e. making it findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable, it is usually not possible to make this data openly available to the general public. A model that we most often apply is to deposit the research data in the AUAS data repository UvA/HvA figshare to create a persistent identifier and license for the data, but to restrict access to the data itself. In this way the research data is findable but others have to ask permission to access the data. See the chapter about archiving and publishing.

More information about open access?

Go to the website of the UvA/AUAS library or consult