Quantitative and qualitative methodology, statistics, FAIR data management & open science

email: opensciencesupport@hva.nl


The Support desk advises researchers on research-related questions arising at any stage of a project including:

  • Scoping & systematic review
  • Clarifying objective of your study & study design
  • Data management & statistical analysis plans
  • Preregistration & registered reports
  • GDPR compliancy
  • Qualitative methods, design & tools
  • Statistics & visualization
  • Accurate & complete reporting
  • Data archiving, FAIRification & data sharing
  • Open access publishing, pre- & postprints


  • Clearly formulate your question(s) in an e-mail to opensciencesupport@hva.nl
  • Attach background information (e.g. proposal, study protocol) that we might need to help you
  • We strive for a response or live meeting within 10 working days


In the past researchers at HvA could seek help from the data steward and the methodologist. The Support desk formalizes those functions and extends these by offering support on qualitative research and open access publishing. The Support desk will be able to monitor the types of questions it receives and use that information to inform activities such as training, FAQs, infrastructure, and acquiring new expertise. We hope that the Support desk will increase the visibility of the services by the data steward, qualitative and quantitative methodologists, and librarian.

Pilot phase: September 2019 - July 2020

The Support desk will start functioning when the new academic year 2019-2020 begins. In July 2020 we will evaluate how well we did and how we can improve things. The findings, conclusions and new plans will be made public through our website and other HvA channels.